VM Dafoe Machine Shop Ltd. was established in 1897.  Victor Morden Dafoe was a boat builder from Ontario who emigrated to Vancouver in 1891 – truly a pioneer.  For 34 years he built fishing boats, sailboats and small launches.  In 1906 Palmer engines were introduced to Vancouver by Victor Dafoe.  These engines became the mainstay of his business along with his machine shop.

After Victor Morden Dafoe passed away in 1930, his wife Ada ran the business during the Depression.  Her eldest son Norman became involved in 1934.  In 1936 another son, Robert, started to work at the shop.  Norm and Bob ran the shop for the next 36 years and successfully led the business throughout the remaining part of the Depression, the War Years and up to the early 1970’s.  Under their stewardship, the focus of VM Dafoe Machine Shop became propeller shafting, couplings and associated bearings.

In 1972, Bob retired and Norm’s son, Ross, entered the firm.  Norm remained active in the business until 1987.  Under Ross Dafoe the firm has continued to prosper and grow.  Ross was joined by his son, Scott, in 2003.  Now into the fourth generation of consistency, the company is the principal supplier of propeller shafts, couplings, stuffing boxes, stern bearings and rudder parts in British Columbia and exports throughout the Pacific Northwest.

VM Dafoe’s aim is a second century; emphasizing Quality, Commitment, Service and Value.  A second century of standards.